YONGU Team-Manufacturer of aluminum enclosure for more than 17 years experience

Dedication and resilienceYONGU TeamAbout us

Over the years, YONGU has built a culture of service, teamwork, and most important - innovation. We believe integrity, dare to take responsibility, rigorous, foucs and dedicated to promote global technological change.(Aluminum case)

We live like a family. We work together, fight together. We have the same faith, we wish YONGU will become better. We keep our original intention and work hard to pursue our ideals.

01R&D design

We provide design service, base on customers' needs, help them design the special aluminum case solutions just for them.

02Engineering design

We have professional experience in using STEP/Soliwork/CAD/DWG/AI,etc software. Build the drawing for customers to confirm their aluminum case requirements.

03Manufacturing process

We have a mature process flow and quality inspection process, committed to providing customers with high-quality products.

04Selling service

We provide our good service to help customers solve their problems. We support different payment terms, like T/T, paypal, We transfer,etc.