COVID-19, YONGU wish you happy new year and share some tips to reduce the risks

YONGU Wish you Happy New Year and share some tips for reduce COVID-19 risks

December 28, 2021by yongubox0

5 ways to reduce COVID-19 risks during New Year holidays


After almost two years of strict COVID-19 protocols, we are so ready to be with our loved ones and friends during the holiday season. However, the pandemic is not over yet. Breakthrough infections are still emerging.
Some countries have not completed their target percentage of herd immunity. Misconceptions and misinformation about vaccines are rampant in social media.
Nevertheless, we deserve to celebrate Christmas and New Year like we used to or even better only if we observe the safety protocols set by the World Health Organization (WH0O) and other authorities.

  • Get vaccinated or avail booster shots from your local health providers.

Health experts recommend full immunization before joining a group of people. Large crowds in a small space can be a little bit scary. So when you can, get vaccinated before the year ends!

  • Travel safely and observe travel rules.

Holidays give you a chance to be with your families. When traveling, always take extra caution when riding public vehicles and closed areas with many people. The holiday rush can be very stressful and exhausting. Avoid staying long in places where there are crowds.

  • Kids who are not yet eligible for vaccination should be protected most.

Most younger kids are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccination not until the WHO gives new guidelines. Do not let them get closer to others. There is a bigger chance that they can be infected. Make sure you sanitize and let them change colors every time they play outside or even indoor playhouses.

  • If someone is ill from the family, stay at home.

It is better to stay at home and prevent getting infected with the COVID virus. It is also a way of avoiding the transmission the moment you have the symptoms. You can have lots of ways to celebrate your Christmas and New Year.

  • Keep the occasion meaningful without compromising health.

You can make the holidays fun and worthwhile while taking precautions from COVID-19. Avoid large gatherings and visiting unvaccinated people. A sincere message in your video call or online chat can be romantic! Special deliveries of your presents through couriers can be heartfelt, too.
Opt for dining in open places.
Wear masks and observe social distancing. Limit your guests when you are hosting an event.
Let us all stay healthy and safe and experience the true meaning of the holidays!

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