YONGU History-Aluminum enclosure manufacturer who have more than 17 years experience


Guangdong Yonggu Electronics Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a professional intelligent alumimum enclosure manufacturer, which located in Foshan China, the center of the aluminum city. We have 8 years of aluminum enclosure export experience and 17 years of aluminum enclosure industrial experience. Our customers wildly use our product for digital communication, environment monitoring, security equipment, rail transit, and outdoor electronics.


YONGU built and founded

Yonggu brand was established in Guangzhou Sega Electronic City,which means Yonggu enter the enclosure industry.

However, before 2004,our CEO Mr Jiang already have 3 years aluminum enclosure engineer and designer experience,he started this business and named Yonggu in Chinese meaning is that let metal stable and forever.

aluminum enclosure
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YONGU’s first aluminum enclosure line

The first enclosure line was put into production,we started our first factory to provide one stop service for design, production and processing,also start our career in the intelligent enclosure manufacturer on electronics industry.

aluminum enclosure


The processing center equipment was upgraded, and the production capacity and quality were further improved.



The production equipment was newly upgraded, introducing high-precision equipment from Japan and Germany. Comprehensive upgrade of production capacity.



Our another brand GOF was established,we extended our product line to high-end HiFi market,including amplifier chassis,pricised CNC panel etc.

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YONGU prototype production line

The professional prototype production line was completed, entered the flexible customization market, and the industry-leading test laboratory was established.We started our second factory only for sample order,main purpose is to provide high speed enclosure service for those R&D electronic euipment.In order to realize this ,we almost broke that time cause seldom people was willing to took so much energy on small order.But finally we overcome.



We integrate R&D, sales, and after-sales service to realize one-stop enclosure customization to expand our global reach.

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YONGU business expansion

Our overseas business channels has been further expanded,we started our another brand YONGU .Also this year we attend Hi-End Audio Exhibition in Munich and HANNOVER MESSE.Our hifi chassis and CNC amplifier panel was popular during the exhibition.Also in 2019,we R&D 7 new products series with more than 10 kinds of patents in China.



We purchased land to build a modern intelligent factory, upgrade production capacity again, optimize the company’s internal management with CRM(Client Resourcing Management),ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning),PLM (Product Lifecycle Managementsystem).

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YONGU strategic plans within 5 years

5G+Industry 4.0 technology upgrade.
create a highly flexible digital factory to realize full-scenario intelligent interaction.
48-hour prototype delivery.
8-hour spot processing and delivery.

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