YONGU FAQ-3 Parts Tips of Aluminum Enclosure Manufacturing


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YONGU FAQAbout Orders

What's the MOQ of YONGU?

NO MOQ is required. We support  prototype customization for  1  aluminum box.

What forms of payment does YONGU accept?

We accept T/T(wire transfer),  Paypal, Visa,  Wechat, Alipay, Alibaba E-Checking, Aliexpress E-Checking,etc.

How can I get discounts?

We have mega promotions every March and September  when the most favorable discounts are available. Stay tuned and check with our sales consultant for more details.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes, we provide free samples for new customers to check. New samples for aluminum boxes will be provided without customizations (except rack mount case). You need to pay the shipping cost.

How long will my customzation take?

For 1-20pcs aluminum box,  about 7-15 working days.

For more than 20pcs, about 18-25 working days.

For 1-20pcs aluminum rack mount case, about 7-18 working days.

For more than 20pcs, about 20-30 working days.

(Leadtime is depends on the models you choose, the customizations you want and the qty you order.)

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YONGU FAQAbout Products

Can you send me the box drawing?

Yes, we will offer PDF drawing initially. If 3d drawing is needed, it will be delivered after the NDA is signed.

What's the quality of your products?

We have two rounds of quality inspections for double ensurance of  product quality before shipping. Goods will only delivered after If they pass our inner standards or standards set mutually by us and customers.  Any spoted defects will be processed properly immediately.

What drawing format should i provide if i want to make some customizations?

We support STEP, CAD, DWG, AI, CDR,PDF,etc .

What services can YONGU provide?

YONGU provide ODM services for new products and mold making. We provide customizations like dimensions, shape, cutout, surface treatment, printing,etc.

Which kind of surface treatment can you provide?

We can make anodizing , spraying, powder coating, chromic acid passivation, hard anodizing,etc.

Can you make the box into conductive?

Yes, we can use CNC or laser engraving  to remove anodizing surface you want and make it expose the aluminum, in order to achieve the conductive effect.

What's the tolerance of the products processing?

CNC will be ±0.05mm. Laser engraving will be ±0.1mm.

How can i fix the PCB to your case?

There are 4 ways to fix this.

  1. Use the existing slots inside the box.
  2. Use nuts to settle the PCB to the box.
  3. Use pressure riveting nuts.
  4. Use  inner plates.
What will the cost be if i want to make some customizations?

Because we are doing batches processing, the more qty, the lower unit price. You can send your inquiry to us, we will quote you ASAP.

YONGU FAQAbout Shipping

How long will be the shipping from China to my side?

The shipping time depends on the destination and the shipping ways you choose.

Which shipping choice do i have?

We can ship goods by air(special line, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT),by sea, by rail transport and car Airlines,etc.

Can you ship by DDP?

Yes, we have long term cooperation with many different forwarders to offer DDP service at favorable cost.

How's your box packing?

We will pack cases in EPE foam and carton. We can also pack with pallet for some large orders.

What's volumetric weight ?

Volume weight also known as dimensional weight(DIM), Freight carriers utilize the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight to calculate shipping charges. Dimensional weight is calculated as (length × width × height) / 5000.