Why are switch enclosures essential?

Why are switch enclosures essential?

September 23, 2022by yongubox0

Why are switch enclosures essential?

When dealing with many power sources, one must have a power switch for all electrical systems.
The electricity supply to these systems is managed by switches housed in a switch enclosure. To function, it must allow electricity to flow into several circuits.
There are several variations on the electrical switch enclosure box. The degree of protection against the elements provided by each varies with the intended application.



To physically toggle a power source on or off, a switch must be housed in a switch enclosure. Before you understand how they function, you might mistake them for ordinary electrical boxes. These outdoor electrical enclosure box are crucial in practically every facet of modern industry.
Information technology, telecommunications, and other essential services are centrally enclosed in a switch enclosure. It gives access to crucial industrial equipment.
A switch or knob enclosure prevents the user from receiving an electric shock. Similarly, a switch enclosure & electrical enclosure box can shield the electrical components from the elements. It prevents malfunctions and malfunction-related failures in electrical components.
Electricity can fail if it’s subjected to extreme temperatures or moisture. Including a method of waterproofing, it is crucial for prevention.




There must be reliable power management for the numerous electrical lines in a factory. For instance, each unit in an apartment building requires its unique light switch. An electrical enclosure box is necessary to cut off the power to cables going to each room. It has a similar role in mechanical automation.

They are housed in a switch enclosure to activate and deactivate mechanical components driven by robotic automation.
It shields electrical components from RF and EM noise, including breakers, control panels, contactors, and switches. This shielding function also benefits the telephone cabinets, distribution panels, and distribution boards housed within switch enclosure and outdoor enclosure box.
Facilities such as hospitals, power plants, mines, or gas plants often have them installed. A switch enclosure box is required for any application that requires a substantial electrical power supply.



Electrical controllers are encased in a switch enclosure for safety reasons.
Electrical components are destroyed by moisture, heat, corrosion, shock, vibration, and dust, and an operator is at risk of electrocution if the electrical power regulation is compromised.
Norms have been established by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) via NEMA & IP ratings to avoid this. The specifications for a switch enclosure and outdoor enclosure box are determined by the level of security required. These criteria define the degree of protection from the elements.



The NEMA and IEC have categorized switch enclosure according to their intended function. Each variety must use very secure, closed solid-state control mechanisms. It must be appropriately sealed and dustproof.
Weatherproof enclosure box are becoming increasingly popular as technology develops. Toggle switches for electrical equipment are commonplace due to their widespread application in industrial settings.
A wide variety of switch enclosures are available in NEMA and IP ratings.



NEMA Rated Switch Enclosures
NEMA 1 Switch Enclosure Box

The NEMA 1 rating is ideal for indoor use with a switch enclosure. Inexpensive and practical, switch box enclosure can be used to protect electronics from the elements. The public is kept away from potentially lethal electrical wiring.
NEMA 1 standard switch enclosure box has the lowest rating possible.

NEMA 2 Switch Enclosure Box

Light dust and grime are easily avoided with NEMA 2 minimal protection. NEMA 2 is identical to NEMA 1 except that it provides only the barest minimum of protection against moisture. The interior is safe from minor splashes thanks to the extra layer of protection it provides.

NEMA 3 Switch Enclosure Box

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the NEMA 3 is versatile. The NEMA 3 switch box enclosure serves as both indoor and outdoor housing.
It’s a fantastic option for dry weather because it shields the circuit from the elements.

NEMA 4 Switch Enclosure Box

Electrical enclosure box rated NEMA 4 may endure severe weather conditions. It is impervious to moisture, making it the ideal choice for housing circuitry in the great outdoors.
It’s a suitable option for telecom equipment because it can endure water from splashes and hoses.

NEMA 4X Switch Enclosure Box

The NEMA 4X switch enclosure standard provides waterproofing. The fact that it can resist corrosion for longer is, however, an advantage.

NEMA 6 Switch Enclosure Box

Outdoor and indoor applications alike can make use of NEMA 6 weatherproof enclosure box. The ability to be submerged for short periods makes it ideal for use in electric vehicles and maritime applications. As a result of its moisture resistance, engineers may relax, knowing that it will work appropriately in their projects.

NEMA 6P Switch Enclosure Box

Protective features are identical between NEMA 6 and NEMA 6P. The extended period it spends submerged in water is the only distinguishing feature.

NEMA 7 Switch Enclosure Box

Hazardous indoor environments necessitate the NEMA 7 standard. The NEMA 7 is built to withstand blasts and other extreme conditions. This protective coating is ideal for chemical plants and other high-risk buildings.


IP Rated Switch Enclosures
IP65 Enclosures

Electrical components are protected from accidental human touch by IP65 switch enclosure. They also shield the person from any oncoming dust, oil, non-corrosive substances, or water spray.

IP66 Enclosures

In terms of security, an IP66 switch box enclosure is in line with a level 4 custom NEMA enclosure. They are practical barriers against high-pressure water spray, oil spills, debris, and other non-corrosive substances.

IP67 Enclosures

Dust can severely damage electronic components, but IP67 switch enclosures prevent that. They are also good at keeping water out for 30 minutes at a depth of 15 centimetres to one meter.

IP68 Enclosures

Switch and electrical enclosure box with IP68 ratings can withstand being submerged in water up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes without damage. Furthermore, they shield you from any filth and dust.
Hence, preventing disasters and damaged equipment requires a switch enclosure box of the appropriate type. There is a continual effort by electrical engineers to refine the design of enclosure boxes so that they meet NEMA requirements.





Many elements must be considered while searching for a dependable electronics enclosure maker, such as the intended enclosure’s size, material, rating systems, etc. along with international protocols and standards. It is essential to understand the merits and drawbacks of each given material. According to the needed measures and the special functions played by the devices, our designers and engineers typically select aluminum and plastic electronics enclosures for the switch.

In order to prevent damage from moisture, dust, and other contaminants, heavy-duty switch enclosures and electrical cabinets are available for both indoor and outdoor use. They guarantee that your delicate gadgets will continue to operate normally and dependably. YONGUBOX specializes in making electrical enclosures to help you secure your most important programs. Protected from vandalism and corrosion, our outside weatherproof electrical boxes are created and modified to meet your specific needs. In addition, they are constructed to survive in severe climates.

They have the following common properties other than meeting international standards

  • AL6063S material adopted
  • The accessible abdominal plate separates from the body’s two halves
  • Heat Dissipation and EMI Protection Features Available
  • Sandblasted and brushed surface treatment
  • The printed circuit board (PCB) can be mounted horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body.

It has numerous applications in various fields: telecommunications, healthcare, education, transportation, the environment, public safety, industry, transportation infrastructure, and measurement.


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