CNC machines, do you know how many kinds of that?

What are types of CNC machines?

June 9, 2022by yongubox0

What are types of CNC machines?

As a design engineer or manufacturer, are you interested in turning a concept into a finished product? As a result, you may be seeking a manufacturing method that can produce your components precisely and consistently.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machinery is essential to make your thoughts a reality. It would be difficult to accomplish the same degree of efficiency, precision, and consistency in a manual procedure with these high-tech devices.

CNC machining has made previously infeasible tasks a breeze. In the same way that CNC machines may create a wide variety of components, many distinct kinds of CNC machines can be utilized to carry out this task. Each machine has a unique build, operating method, and product range. With CNC equipment, you may make a broad variety of things. Various CNC machines are now in use as a result of this.

The fact that they are not your typical computers should not be underestimated. A skilled specialist can only make high-quality commercial items. Every CNC machine serves a certain purpose.


Types of CNC machines

In terms of classification, CNC machines fall into the following categories:

CNC laser cutting machine

A CNC laser cutting machine is a machine that uses a laser to carry out a cutting operation and a computer to govern the process. It is used to cut sheets of material. It has a unique finishing touch on the surface. Even the most complex designs may be created using this method. All you have to do is provide the computer with the necessary information.



CNC Grinding Machine

Cutting metal is done by using a revolving wheel that cuts the metal away from the material. It is common for CNC grinding machines to be utilized in the production of cam- and ball-bearings and transmission shafts.

A CNC grinding machine produces many cylindrical parts. The use of a grinding machine in the production of different types of machine parts is feasible.

cnc machines


CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathes are a type of machine tool in which the material or item to be turned is held in place by a gripper and spun by the machine’s main spindle. At the same time, the cutting tool that works on the material is mounted and moved along a number of axes.

Lathe machines controlled by a computer use a preset set of instructions to operate and transfer material. As a result of its quick and precise function, it is now being utilized in various settings.

After the fundamental configuration has been finished, it may be easily used by an individual with only a moderate level of skill. Capstans and turrets, for example, are mass-produced using lathe. However, there is no pre-programmed feeding mechanism in place.


CNC Milling Machine

In order to transform a piece of raw material into a component for a machine or a vehicle, a CNC milling machine will utilise a spinning cylindrical cutter to move along several axes while cutting slots, holes, and other features into the material. The majority of machines work on three to five axes, which results in significantly more precision and detail.

Automated tool changers, tool stackers, coolant systems, and enclosures are some of the technical characteristics that are incorporated into machines to ensure that they continue to function without any interference from a human operator.


CNC Router Machine

It is possible to draw parallels between its operation and that of Lathe and Milling CNC machines. Everything from door sculptures to facades art to wooden frames and signboards to mouldings for instruments and furniture are all done manually by this machine. It even makes the wooden frames for the instruments and furnishings itself. You can design the system according to your requirements and then implement it on this machine with improved surface quality is achieved.


CNC Plasma Machine

An accelerated stream of heated plasma is used to cut through electrically conducting materials in the plasma cutting process. On the other hand, plasma cutting machines are defined as having a computer numerically controlled cutting system. The fundamental difference between CNC laser cutting and hot plasma cutting, which we examined above, is that one uses lasers and is thus more expensive. The other uses hot plasma and is, therefore, less expensive. New technologies such as these are developed as the industry expands. Improve the appearance of the surface.


CNC Electrical Discharge Machine

This is referred to as a “spark CNC machine.” A particular type of CNC machine that manipulates materials using electrical discharges. Transient effects of electrical discharge include degradation of the materials from which it is discharged. The eruption of electricity Controlled sparks is used to form materials in CNC machines.

A computer generates an electrical discharge between the electrodes, which determines how much electrical discharge is generated.


5- Axis Machine

There are a total of five axes on this machine. There were originally three axes (X, Y, and Z), but two extra axes (A and B) have been added, making the cutting action of any instrument possible in five directions. 5 Sculptures are made with the Axis machine.


3D Printer

3D printers are CNC machines that produce metals in layers. Buildings and complexes may be printed with a 3D printer. The CAD and CAM technique is used to create the design and drawing, and the 3D Printer is used to create a visual representation of that design.


Pick and Place Machine

It’s always nice to see new and improved machines. It’s utilized in the workplace, as well. By way of illustration, let’s have a look at this. A company used to store a large number of products at a warehouse. It takes a long time to adjust the objects by hand; thus, this machine is used to choose and arrange the goods instead.


YONGUBOX Aluminium CNC Machining Case

The YONGUBOX  CNC Machining case contribute while designing the CNC machines as they have their benefits when merged with CNC machines which are to be used in every industry. YONGUBOX provides customers with the ability to customize enclosures in all three dimensions.

YONGUBOX 001 CNC Aluminum Box 108*78*23mm

CNC Enclosures made by YONGUBOX  provide several advantages in the production process.

  • Aluminum CNC Machining Case
  • Customizable thickened panels with precision processing
  • Strong load-bearing capacity
  • Easy Installation
  • Heat dissipation is built into the side plates of the enclosure, which improves the function of heat dissipation and lends an air of elegance to the cabinet’s essentially pragmatic and industrially designed appearance.
  • The front, rear, and side handles and the side corners are all CNC processed to give you a technological sensation.
  • Inner plates can reduce the fixing problems such as screws and rivets on the surface.
  • The length, breadth, and height may all be adjusted. The length may be extended or lowered in increments of 50mm or 100mm as one unit.
  • Customizable dimensions, cutout, colors, printing, etc.
  • Screws use unique models to enhance your equipment safety.
  • The rubber foot pads can be slip-proof and moisture-proof and have a protective effect on internal components.


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