What are display enclosures?

What are display enclosures?

November 19, 2022by yongubox0

What are display enclosures?

Outdoor media is no longer a passive medium. Simple signs that sell or explain anything to a group of people are no longer as successful as dynamic signage. Digital display signage that allows viewers to engage with it is a more dynamic method of communication than simply trippy visuals and material at individuals.



When used in outdoor, indoor, or industrial situations, display enclosures protect displays from severe circumstances, burglary, or theft, ensuring that screens stay functioning for longer. A display enclosure is highly adaptable. Display enclosures can be mounted on a wall, a stand, or from the ceiling in either landscape or portrait mode.

Display enclosures are widely employed as a fundamental hardware element by billion-dollar digital signage marketing firms, the manufacturing sector, and several enterprises globally. Household individuals use display enclosures to place an outdoor TV on the lawn or an outdoor seating area.

Display enclosures safeguard expensive IT systems and audio-visual equipment for organizations, minimizing the expense of IT and AV maintenance and performance improvement and offering an alternative to rigid, integrated systems.

End users can utilize Display enclosures to change or update screen technology without a substantial understanding of IT or audio-visual equipment.

Display enclosures protect outdoor digital signage displays from climate conditions, damage, and vandalism.

They are adaptable and may be hung on a wall, a pedestal, or from the ceiling. They cover displays as little as 19 inches and as large as 85 inches or more. Display enclosures are offered in panorama and landscape orientation to accommodate any application. They also can have a universal mounting bracket to fit any screen.

Sealed display enclosures shield outdoor monitors from damage by preventing water infiltration and humidity and blocking the passage of dirt and other debris. LCD enclosures are fitted with high-tech components designed to reduce the impact of severe temperatures to battle external and internal atmospheric conditions.

Temperature variations in LCD enclosures are controlled by filtration blowers, air draperies, vacuum chambers, internal central heating systems, air conditioning, and insulation. A sophisticated, built-in microprocessor controller board within the Display enclosure allows you to handle components virtually and remotely.



Slim-line Enclosures

Slim-line enclosures are ideal for outdoor digital advertising protection that is space-saving and aesthetically appealing. Slim-line enclosures protect conventional enclosure products while also improving the appearance of your digital displays in potential customer-facing situations.

Ultra-thin and regular LCD and LED displays can be accommodated in Slimline casings.


Totem Enclosures

Freestanding standing, capacitive screen totem enclosures allow you to put outdoor digital advertising displays without requiring the use of a wall. Totem enclosures allow you to place displays in any outdoor area for dramatic effectiveness.


Dual Screen Enclosures

Dual-screen enclosures allow you to place two screens outside simultaneously. Dual screen vortex enclosures anchored to the foundation provide vital protection for display screens mounted in outdoor settings.


Triple Screen Enclosures

You can construct spectacular outdoor digital signage displays with triple-screen enclosures. You may carry up to three displays outside and convey various messages simultaneously. Additionally, triple-screen enclosures may be customized to include business logos.


Touch Screen Enclosures

Outdoor digital signage may be transformed into an engaging projection. Touch screen enclosures transform your regular monitor into an intuitive touch screen using projected capacitive (PCAP) foil. PCAP technology performs in damp circumstances, in severe temperatures, through reinforced glass, and with covered hands.


Sunlight Readable Enclosures

A sunlight-readable enclosure’s viewable display has an anti-glare or anti-reflective layer to keep the screen visible in direct sunshine. The technique also contributes to a reduction in solar load, preventing outdoor digital displays from scorching.




Although YONGUBOX has the means and knowledge to make precise alterations for various applications, the possibility of ease of modification may influence your material selection and standard display enclosure design.

Whether you’re beginning from scratch or need some advice, YONGUBOX can assist you in building digital display enclosures with numerous size constraints but a wide range of alternatives and opportunities. The application must first be studied, and then the best potential enclosure design may be constructed using CAD software. We accept both Original Equipment Manufacturer and Original Design Manufacturer orders. We may be able to help you alter the structure and appearance of your prototype to make it stand out from the crowd.

Our cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified workforce enable us to design and weld practically any plastic, aluminum, or other material enclosure requested by the customer.

With our assistance, you may create a genuine version of your concept or a whole production run. The goal of YONGUBOX is to use Multi-Disciplinary Optimization approaches to fine-tune the system’s design and operation based on your requirements.

One of the services provided by YONGU is the processing of high-quality boxes. Rather than developing frictionless technology, concentrate on supporting exact supply networks.

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