Weatherproof VS. Waterproof: How to select the right enclosure?

Weatherproof VS. Waterproof: How to select the right enclosure?

May 23, 2022by yongubox0

Weatherproof VS. Waterproof: How to select the right enclosure?

There were times in the past when specifying an enclosure meant getting the correct grey box, putting in all of your electrical equipment, and hoping for the best. It’s challenging to determine which outdoor enclosure will be the most durable, least expensive, and endure the test times because there are so many different types of enclosures available today, all built of different materials and rated differently.

The enclosure’s classification is based on the weather and region it is situated in. If the interior of the enclosure becomes moist, it can damage electronic equipment such as PLCs, power supplies, HMIs, and backup batteries. This must be avoided at all costs.

While designing weather or watertight enclosure, the following factors should be considered:

  • Rainfall patterns, including the strength of storms, during the year
  • High relative humidity levels bring on moisture absorption and precipitation.
  • Strong winds can flood v
  • entilation holes.
  • A dust storm in a desert climate is a common occurrence.
  • Air near the ocean includes a higher salt concentration than in locations further inland.

At the very least, all of our enclosures must be weatherproof. Your enclosure’s IP or NEMA rating tells you how well your electrical components will be protected.

Weatherproof VS. Waterproof


Weatherproof vs. Waterproof Enclosures

Weatherproof Enclosures

There is some weather protection in most of the enclosures. Depending on the sort of weather you’re expecting, the amount of protection you’ll require may vary.

Enclosures shielded from the elements by techniques such as a canopy or cornice are an excellent choice in many cases. However, high-pressure dust or water spray, such as that from a powerwasher, might jeopardize the components inside a waterproof enclosure.

According to NEMA standards, the lowest NEMA grade for a weather-resistant enclosure is Type 3.

Type 3 Enclosures can be constructed for indoor or outdoor use that offer some degree of protection against access to hazardous components. They provide some protection against solid foreign substances (falling dirt and airborne dust); protect the equipment inside the enclosure against the intrusion of water (rain & snowfall), and be unaffected by external formations.

IP66 is a good choice if your enclosure will be placed in an area where it rains frequently. You may be able to utilize an IP65 enclosure if the weather is just a bit dusty.

Weatherproof VS. Waterproof

Waterproof Enclosures

It must be possible to protect the contents of an enclosure rated “waterproof” against water or liquid infiltration even if it is entirely submerged.

Waterproof enclosures offer a higher level of protection than weatherproof enclosures, making them an excellent choice for installations in damp environments or those subject to more extreme circumstances.

According to NEMA ratings, a waterproof enclosure should adhere to a minimum of Type 6P NEMA ratings.

Type 6P enclosures can be created for indoor and outdoor use to protect employees from access to dangerous parts and to safeguard the equipment inside the enclosure from water entry during occasional, long-term submersion; this type of enclosure is commonly used. They are deemed watertight, dust-tight, and submerged in water.

IP67 (for temporary immersion in water) or IP68 (for long-term immersion in water) is the standard for entirely watertight enclosures, such as those that are continually submerged or submerged for an extended length of time (for prolonged immersion in water under pressure).

Some Thoughts on Surroundings

Your sensitive electronic equipment is going to be stored where? How about outside or inside? In a hot, dusty warehouse or close to the sea? How much light is expected, if any? Mounted on a wall or a pole? Enclosures that aren’t adequately protected from the outdoors might suffer from everything from UV radiation to temperature to flying debris.

The need for weather and water-resistant enclosures is constant, but the amount of protection you get depends on whether you go with a NEMA or IP classification.

A rating of at least IP67 is likely to be required for complete immersion in water at the higher end of the range, at the lower end of the spectrum, IP54.

As much as IP ratings are a standard, the degree of protection might vary. For example, the IP67 standard specifies that a device can resist 30 minutes of immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter. Theoretically, an IP68-rated box that can survive 1.5 meters of water for 45 minutes isn’t any better than its IP67-rated sibling. Before placing a purchase, you should always confirm the enclosure specs with the provider. Similarly, NEMA 3 enclosures are weatherproof. Protects from inclement weather, such as rain and sleet. NEMA 4 watertight enclosures are used outside ship docks, building sites, tunnels, and subways. A flow rate of 65 GPM from a 1-inch nozzle at a distance of no less than 10 feet must be excluded for five minutes. Used in ship ports, ranches, and distilleries, as well as in the open air.

Waterproof IP-rated enclosures may be utilized in a wide range of sectors and applications, including maritime, transportation, security, and traffic control, among other things.

Weatherproof VS. Waterproof



YONGUBOX Waterproof  & Weatherproof Aluminium Boxes & enclosures are suitable for use in harsh environments such as heavy machinery, industrial plants, and underwater or outdoor applications.

YONGUBOX has a wide variety of IP-rated enclosures with flexible customization options. If you’re looking for Waterproof  & Weatherproof enclosures, we’re proud to offer several models, including:


YONGUBOX L Series: Durable enclosures rugged enough for indoor or outdoor applications and withstand extreme weather conditions and water immersion.

L Series include around 24 different models, including

  • Outdoor Electrical & Water Proof Boxes
  • Waterproof Plastic Enclosures
  • Waterproof Electrical Enclosures
  • IP67 Aluminum Boxes
  • Waterproof Electrical Junction & Power Boxes
  • Weatherproof Electrical Enclosures
  • Waterproof Metal Junction Boxes
  • Waterproof Box for Boat
  • Waterproof Battery Boxes
  • Automotive Waterproof Electrical Junction Boxes
  • Waterproof Connection Boxes
  • Waterproof PCB Boxes
  • Waterproof Switch Boxes
  • Waterproof Underground Electrical Junction Boxes


The following characteristics unite them.

  • With a distribution ring, it is easy to keep the device watertight and dustproof.
  • Sock-resistant Diecast aluminum housing
  • Resilient and durable for prolonged use
  • Conductivity may be achieved by using unpolished interior surfaces.


YONGUBOX M Series: Highly versatile enclosures at an economical price

M Series include around 11 different models, including

  • IP67/IP68 Aluminum & Waterproof Boxes
  • weatherproof electrical boxes
  • outdoor electrical junction boxes
  • waterproof junction boxes
  • outdoor electronic boxes


The following characteristics unite them.

  • With a distribution ring, it is easy to keep the device watertight and dustproof.
  • Sock-resistant Diecast aluminium housing
  • Resilient and durable for prolonged use
  • Conductivity may be achieved by using unpolished interior surfaces.


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