Instrument Enclosures-YONGU D01 269*2U Extrusion portable Box

YONGU D01 269*2U Instrument Enclosures

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  • Instrument Enclosures
  • No MOQ limitted, support samples.
  • We have stocks can be used as samples.
  • Customizations: dimensions, cutout, colors, printing,etc.
  • Processing time: Samples, 7-15 working days. Batches, 25-30 working days.
  • Panels:
    Thickened panel
    Precision processing,  can be customized.
  • handles:
    Strong load-bearing capacity
  • Aluminum alloy protected corners:
    Strengthen the enclosures structure, crashworthy
  • Side panels:
    Modular side panels for easy installation.
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YONGU D01 269*2U Instrument Enclosures

9 Models D series Aluminum Electronic Enclosures can be chosen.

  • Advanced desktop and portable enclosures in nine standard sizes all with ventilation
  • Modern and cohesive design with no visible fixing screws
  • Extrusion case body for a smooth appearance
  • Snap-on front trims hide the case and front panel fixing screws

Dimensions/hole drilling/surface treatment/printing,etc can be customized.

  • Instrument Enclosures
  • The side plates are equipped with heat dissipation , which not only enhances heat dissipation effect, but also adds a beauty apprearance of industry and design to the cabinet.
  • The front, back handles and the side corners are all by CNC processed, which will let you have the  technology feeling.
  • Inner plates can reduce the fixing parts such as screws and rivets on the surface. In the meantime, the material is iron will be stronger than the aluminum plate if they have the same thickness. Which is good for the placement of  heavy components.
  • The length, width and height can be changed. The length is modularly increased or decreased according to the 50mm or 100mm as one unit.
  • Removable rear panel – recessed for protection of connectors, switches etc.
  • Anodized front panel (accessory) – recessed for protection of  keypads, displays etc.
  • All case panels fitted with M4 threaded pillars for earth connection.
  • The aluminum pads can be slip-proof and moisture-proof, and have a protective effect on internal components.
Instrument enclosures
Instrument enclosures

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269-2U, length, width and height can be customized.


Front, rear, top and bottom plates-al5052
Side panels and corners-al6063
inner plate-iron



Protection class