CNC Machining Case-YONGU F01 268*2U Aluminum Chassis

YONGU F01 268*2U CNC Machining Case

SKU: F01

  1. CNC Machining Case
  2. Integrated Aluminum Instrument Case
  3.  Mass modular production, fast delivery
  4.  Widely suitable for various fields of enclosures
  5.  Different sizes available.
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YONGU F01 268*2U CNC Machining Case

8 Models F series CNC machining Enclosures can be chosen.

Concise lines in appearance design.
Curve elements are added to the panel to increase the sense of agility.
The color matching is mainly based on cool colors, expressing the sense of science and technology.

Dimensions/hole drilling/surface treatment/printing,etc can be customized.

  • CNC Machining Case
  • The design refers to the arch bridge and makes an arc on the front panels.
  • Panels thickness are 6mm, which means can use nuts to settle the display on the back side.
  • Handles can help hide the screws expose on the surface.
CNC Machining Case
cnc machining case
cnc machining case

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268-2U, length can be customized.


Extrusion case-al6063



Protection class