YONGUBOX 004 Aluminum CNC Milling Service 585.81*421.85*155.1mm

YONGUBOX 004 Aluminum CNC Milling Service 585.81*421.85*155.1mm

SKU: CNC 004

Features of Aluminum CNC Milling Service
  • Flexible And Versatile
  • High Machining Accuracy
  • High Production Efficiency
  • It Can Process Complex Shapes
  • Reduce The Labor Intensity Of The Operator
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YONGUBOX 004 Aluminum CNC Milling Service 585.81*421.85*155.1mm

3-axis CNC machines and 5-axis CNC machines can be used for cutting and milling holes or logo.
Aluminum CNC Milling Service Benefits
  • Production Improvement. It is also possible to process many design components simultaneously, allowing for more flexibility and productivity.
  • Scrap Minimization. It can continuously create a specified item within tolerance during a production run after the program.
  • Precision and Accuracy. It deliver constant precision and repeatable placement of numerous axes regardless of manufacturing volume.
  • Safety.  It can minimizes the danger of damage.
Aluminum CNC Milling Service

Full custom made CNC box support design and process.

All dimension can be customized.
Structure and appreance can be created.
Professional R&D team and engineering team can help make your own special products.
Strictly control the processing flow, systematic production, complete production system and quality inspection system.
Useing Japan “Okuno” anodized pigment to make your products surface finishing become better.


Additional information


All dimension can be customized.


Support aluminum, metal or other materials.

Suface finishing

Anodizing or powder coating.