Merry Christmas and YONGU share you some holiday self-care tips

Merry Christmas and some holiday tips

December 24, 2021by yongubox0

YONGU Wish you Merry Christmas!

merry christmas


5 Holiday Self-Care Tips

Are you exhausted from your year-long work demands, family concerns, and all the hustles in your life? It is time to give yourself a break while enjoying the holidays. Most of the tips we listed below are low-budget. Christmas is coming, just enjoy the holiday.
But it’s up to you whether you want to spend your money on the things you like.
Here are our six self-care tips perfect for this season.

  • Pamper yourself.

Go for a massage, try a new hair color, or eat a full meal from your dream resto. You can spend a staycation in a hotel or a beach resort. Go on shopping. Get a premium Spotify or Netflix account. But remember to consider your budget first and foremost. You cannot get broke after treating yourself and not on a New Year.

  • Disconnect from the online world.

Take a break from using your social media platforms. You can choose to stay inactive for a while or minimize your online use. Sometimes, the things you see online can be stressful and toxic.

  • Live the moment.

Make your time meaningful according to your needs and moods. If you feel lazy, then you can lay down on your couch all day and do exactly nothing. If you do not feel like dressing up, wear anything you want or nothing at all! Be comfortable and spontaneous in your own space.

  • Do what tickles you and makes you feel good.

Enroll in yoga or martial arts class. Travel to your dream country or spot. Finish reading your favorite novel. Maybe, cleaning your room and doing some decluttering would make you feel better. You can watch a movie, too. Try a new recipe you learned from YouTube.

  • Be with your most trusted circle of families and friends.

Be with someone who also likes your company and does not demand much of your time. Be with someone you can talk to with anything.


You are not obliged to attend all gatherings. Parties sound fun and memorable. But if this will only make you feel uncomfortable, you are not required to go. Other family members and friends might misunderstand you for not joining but let them be. Self-care is not selfish. You can be honest by telling them exactly how you feel. But staying silent can be your option, too.merry christmas

The year may have been very long and tiring for you physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. But you have to take a rest, pause for a while, and take things slowly. You do not compete your time with anyone. Make use of your vacation meaningfully without getting pressured by what almost everyone is doing. The most important is you get to rest your mind and body and spend the holiday season with your loved ones peacefully.

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