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YONGUBOX IP68 Waterproof Enclosure


Industrial Design Service

Designing the unique prototype.
Help you design the new structure and appearance for your own prototype.

Engineering Service

Engineering the best solutions.
Make your thoughts and ideas come into a real prototype or real batch products.

Custom Processing Service

Processing the high quality products.
Uniquely enable accurate supply chains rather than frictionless technology.

After Sales Service

Sharing you the best service.
Share you our professional solutions and fast quote online.

YONGU L Series

YONGU L series IP68 waterproof enclosure, special design for the box.
4 different models, A/B/C/D models, which includes full aluminum models(A) and half aluminum in box with the plastic covers models(B/C/D).
10 different dimensions can be chosen, width and length is settled, height can be customized.
You can choose anyone you want.

YONGU M Series

YONGU M series waterproof box, which can reach to IP67/IP68 protection class.
Die-casting covers and extrusion box, dispensing ring help protect the water come from outside.
11 different dimensions can be chosen, length can be customized. Cutout(hole drilling)/ surface treatment(colors)/printing(laser engraving, silk screen) is supported.
Founder and owner

HuaJun Jiang

In 2004,I start my first business after many years military experience and 3 years enclosure engineer and designer experience.
Also enclosure is related with my major in school.
At first beginning,YONGU brand was established in Guangzhou Sega Electronic City, which means YONGU enter the enclosure industry,YONGU in Chinese meaning is that make metal stable and forever.
Our Mission, committed to providing first-class housing solutions for global aluminum box.
Our Vision, become he world's leading manufacturer of aluminum box.
Core Value, Innovative and intelligent technology company for the aluminum box, can make design and personalized customization.
Guangdong Yonggu Electronics Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a professional intelligent alumimum enclosure manufacturer, which located in Foshan China, the center of the aluminum city. We have 8 years of aluminum enclosure export experience and 17 years of aluminum enclosure industrial experience. Our customers wildly use our product for digital communication, environment monitoring, security equipment, rail transit, and outdoor electronics.