Introduction to portable enclosures

Introduction to portable enclosures

October 29, 2022by yongubox0

Introduction to portable enclosures

There has been a rise in the demand for portable enclosures because of the continuing shrinking of electronic components, including cell phones, Personal digital assistants, fax machines, instrumentation tools, and remote controls. A wide variety of portable enclosures are available to suit your needs in terms of design, material, colors, finish, and size.


MATERIAL Of Portable Enclosures

Plastic and metal are the two most popular choices for portable enclosures. In most cases, cost-effectiveness dictates the usage of ABS or polycarbonate plastic. Applications that necessitate additional robustness, rigidity, and EMI/RFI shielding often utilize die-cast aluminum.



CONSTRUCTION Of Portable Enclosures

There are primarily two types of construction used for portable enclosures.

  • Traditional Design
  • Clamshell Design

In the traditional design, two-piece designs have a top and bottom shell. Clamshell styles are comprised of four different pieces: the top and bottom shells and the front and back panels. The top and bottom shells are screwed together and capture the front and back panels. Integrated component guidelines and PCB mounting hooks could be molded into a top or bottom shells.

The traditional design is more cost-effective and accessible to gasket than the alternative. The clamshell style allows for easier component access and placement. The front panels of clamshell designs can be manufactured from a different material, color, or transparency, but they are more challenging to seal in an environmentally safe manner. Rectangular, T-shaped, spherical, and cylindrical portable enclosures are all readily available. The precise shape is determined by the particular application being used.




Gaskets enable environmental sealing in several portable enclosure designs to meet NEMA and IP rating requirements. EPDM, neoprene, and polyurethane are the most common materials used to make gaskets; however other materials may be suitable for specific tasks.

Extruded gaskets are the most cost-effective option for low-volume uses. They are shaped using a cutter and fitted into the mouldable grooves on the corresponding enclosure edges. A variety of manufacturers are now using form-in-place gaskets. While two-component polyurethane resin is typically used for form-in-place gaskets, a one-piece molded unit customized to the box’s dimensions may be the most cost-effective option when working with larger volumes. Die-cast aluminum enclosures are the most effective form of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.

However, plastic enclosures covered with conductive paint might be used for less demanding applications. Depending on the required level of conductivity, the paint may have powdered nickel, copper, or silver in its composition. Nickel is the most prevalent, inexpensive, and least conductive metal, while silver is the rarest, most costly, and conductive metal.

The gasket material must also be conducive to EMI/RFI applications. Gaskets loaded with carbon or silver particles are available from various manufacturers. Metallic enclosures can also make use of gaskets with a wire-mesh outer jacket.



There is a wide selection of portable enclosures available from different manufacturers; some have insert-molded regions on the outside face for labels and graphics, display cutouts, and circuit board guidelines
Some manufacturers offer additional CNC machining services, such as adding custom perforations, cuts, silk screening, pad embossing, and EMI/RFI shielding.
Black, gray, and off-white are the most popular hues in business. It’s possible that there would be minimum orders and a longer turnaround time for specifically chosen colors.
Plastic portable enclosures typically feature exteriors with fine textured finishes that prevent and conceal scratches and other minor flaws. Surfaces within are generally smooth. The smooth surface finishes typical of die-cast aluminum enclosures are amenable to additional treatment with chemical conversion coatings. These processes are typically used to improve paint or powder coating adherence and corrosion resistance.

If you’re in the market for a portable enclosure, you should look for a company like YONGUBOX that offers a wide range of design options in their regular line. It will allow you to swiftly create prototypes with any special features you might require before ordering large quantities. Dimensional precision and convenience in dealing with a single vendor are advantages of working with manufacturers who can supply bespoke modification.




Since its founding in 2004, YONGUBOX has been a pioneer in the aluminum enclosures market, setting itself apart from competitors through a combination of product variety, cutting-edge technology, and excellent customer service.

Following are a few unique portable product enclosures offered by YONGUBOX.

  1. YONGU Aluminum Alloy Industrial Portable Outdoor Extruded PCB Electronic Equipment Enclosures J24 84*28mm
  2. YONGU Network Portable Assembly Outdoor Aluminum Customized Cutout Instrument Electronic Enclosure H55 142*33.8mm
  3. YONGU Aluminum Alloy Industrial Portable Outdoor Junction Box Extruded Aluminum PCB Electronic Equipment Enclosures J25 90*35mm
  4. YONGU Network Portable Assembly Outdoor Aluminum Customized Cutout Instrument Electronic Enclosure H35 194*61.5mm

They have the following features in common.

  • Designed to house PCBs and other electronic equipment
  • General Purpose, water-tight, EMI shielded, and Heat Dissipation Options
  • Sandblasted and brushed surface finishing options with anodized color
  • PCB mount horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body
  • Customized dimensions, cutouts, milling, L shape, and panels option
  • Silk-screening and engraving option


YONGUBOX also offers other enclosures with carrying handles for a more manageable handling facility.

  1. YONGU S101 120*170*220 Sheet Metal Aluminum Box
  2. YONGU Custom Handle Design Aluminum Case F08 365*4U
  3. YONGU Custom Outdoor Sheet Metal Industrial Easy Installation Electrical Industrial Control Chassis D01 269*2U


They have the following features in common.

  • Modern appearance
  • Dimensional customization options
  • Slight bend to guard against the plastic wrap
  • Ergonomically designed front panel handles
  • Sturdy aluminum housing with detachable lid, bottom, and back panels
  • Laser engraving and silk screen printing options
  • Shock-absorbing interior and non-slip corners
  • Compatible with a wide variety of power sources, analyzers, and measurement devices

Electrical portable enclosures from YONGU are an excellent choice if you need something to protect your electronics while also being quickly portable. They have many potential uses, from solar panels and wind turbines to thermostats and climate control systems.


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