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Importance of enclosures in the mining industry

July 18, 2022by yongubox1

Importance of enclosures in the mining industry


The mining sector is among the most important revenue generator for a great number of different countries. This is because the expansion of mining industries frequently controls the number of resources a country can acquire and the rate at which its economy grows. This sector of the economy might potentially fall under the umbrella of either the geophysical or the chemical industries, depending on the various features of the mining industry. The following are the four primary mining industries:

Coal Mining Industry

Soft Coal or asphalt, hard coal or anthracite, and brown coal or lignite are the primary products of all of these enterprises. Among these are mining activities and facilities such as washeries and cleansing plants. Coal briquette and bundled fuel output, as well as gasoline and hydrocarbons production at the mine site, are not included.


Metal Mining Industry

All enterprises whose primary focus is on mining, mining development, or mineral exploration. These mines are valuable primarily for the metals they contain, which can be extracted and used in their purest form or as components in ingots, chemicals, dyes, or other products of various kinds.  The mining refining process is not included here.


Nonmetallic Mineral Mining Industry

Mining and quarrying, as well as the development of mines and exploration for nonmetallic resources, except fuels. In addition, this includes some well and saline activities, and some primary preparation units, particularly ones involved in crushing or grinding. Cement and lime production facilities, stone cutting and finishing facilities, and brick and other structural clay product manufacturing facilities are excluded.


Oil and Gas Extraction Industry

Companies that produce crude oil and natural gas, as well as oil extracted from sands and oil shale, produce natural gas and hydrocarbon products at the mining site. This comprises operations like exploration, drilling, oil and gas well operation and maintenance, and the operation of natural gas and cycle facilities.

Mining and mineral industries have some very unique requirements for their enclosures, and many of YONGUBOX’s solutions are developed to suit these needs.  Aside from meeting the requirements of the application, standard enclosures must be exceptionally durable due to the harsh conditions in which they are often used. In the mining sector, severe temperatures, shocks, dust, vibration, and moisture are common. Custom enclosures are engineered to endure these conditions and more.


Enclosures Considerations for Mining Equipments

Standards set by national and provincial governments must be met when metal enclosures are utilized in mining operations. If you don’t fulfil these requirements, you might be hit with hefty fines. Metal enclosures that don’t meet industry standards might put your workers at risk.

Choosing sheet metal enclosures for your site should take into account the following considerations.


Commercial-Grade or Industrial-Grade Enclosures

Commercial-grade versus industrial-grade enclosures are important considerations if your workplace comprises hazardous and non-hazardous regions.

Enclosures constructed of stainless steel and aluminium are required in your hazardous locations. The enclosure requires wiring channels as well, so that you may connect various items, including your mining equipment, to power sources.

Commercial-grade galvanized steel enclosures can be used in non-hazardous environments. These enclosures don’t need as much attention to detail when it comes to wiring.


Mining Equipment Needs Explosion-Proof Designs

Explosion-proof designs are required for any mining equipment taken into dangerous regions to ensure the safety of everyone on the job. As a result, a sturdy metal is required to guard against explosions that might harm employees or cause mines to collapse.

Metal enclosures that are both sturdy and light are ideal. You don’t need to utilize thick panels to avoid explosions if you utilize a robust metal like aluminium. You may, as an alternative, make your sheet metal enclosures as compact and mobile as you possibly can.


Lightweight Materials

It makes sense to use portable, lightweight enclosures for mining equipment that will be moved around a lot.
Consult a sizing table for sheet metal thicknesses and weights. Aluminium is a good choice in most circumstances since it is lightweight and sturdy.
Steel is another option. Steel is heavier than aluminium, but thinner sheets may be used without placing employees at risk.


Importance of Mining Enclosures

The need to be effective and productive is greater than it has ever been, so there is little space for errors as a result of the tight margins. Mining operations can benefit from the use of an enclosure in a variety of ways. In addition, it will provide a more secure and healthy work atmosphere for everyone on the premises.


Increase In Productivity

The mining industry’s productivity struggles are well-known. For most mining sites to continue to generate a profit, continuous operations are necessary at all times. As a result, there will be no unanticipated delays in the production process.

The right lighting and climate control provided by a mining enclosure allow workers to comfortably operate into the night. The durable aluminium frame can accept any possible customization. The mine will be more productive as a whole if activities can continue at the same speed during the night.


Remote Locations

Mining firms are sometimes forced to labour in difficult or inaccessible places since many of the easy-to-access mines have already been depleted. It’s challenging to get to many of these high-grade ore sites because of the rugged terrain or the climatic factors. These sites are also frequently plagued by unfavourable weather, which makes it difficult for personnel to do their jobs. Having a mining enclosure will safeguard personnel and costly equipment from the severe weather.

The YONGUBOX, a metallic waterproof enclosure, is sturdy enough to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. A more secure job site is made possible by the sturdy frame’s ability to endure severe winds and large snow loads.

In addition, if the location of the mining activity needs to be moved, an excellently constructed mining enclosure may be quickly disassembled and moved to a new area with very little interruption to the activities.


Workers Safety

The safety of miners is essential to the success of a mining operation, which is one of the most dangerous vocations in the world.

Noise pollution from heavy machinery is a big concern for miners, as it puts their health at risk. Some miners get hearing impairment as a result of the high amount of noise. The mining enclosure is frequently helpful in deflecting and dampening some of the extremely loud noise that can be found on site.

This profession is physically and emotionally draining, and ensuring that the workers have a healthy work environment is essential to the success of the business. It is possible to have a catastrophic disaster on a mining site if you make a minor error. Project success depends on providing the safest and most secure work environment possible for employees.

mining industry


Equipement Protection

Protecting employees is critical, but so is safeguarding valuable assets. Enclosures for mining operations protect valuable resources such as tools, ore, and minerals safe from the elements. To make things even easier, these frameworks are big enough to store everything you need in one place.



YOUGUBOX IP68 Waterproof Aluminium Boxes & IP67/IP68 aluminium enclosures are suitable for use in harsh environments such as heavy machinery, industrial plants, and underwater or outdoor applications.

YONGUBOX has a wide variety of IP-rated enclosures with flexible customization options, to practically fit in for mining applications.  If you’re looking for IP68 enclosures, we’re proud to offer several models, including:

YONGUBOX L Series: Durable enclosures rugged enough for indoor or outdoor applications

L Series include around 24 different models, including

  • Outdoor Electrical & Water Proof Boxes
  • Waterproof Plastic Enclosures
  • Waterproof Electrical Enclosures
  • IP67 Aluminum Boxes
  • Waterproof Electrical Junction & Power Boxes
  • Weatherproof Electrical Enclosures
  • Waterproof Metal Junction Boxes
  • Waterproof Box for Boat
  • Waterproof Battery Boxes
  • Automotive Waterproof Electrical Junction Boxes
  • Waterproof Connection Boxes
  • Waterproof PCB Boxes
  • Waterproof Switch Boxes
  • Waterproof Underground Electrical Junction Boxes

They have the following properties in common.

  • Rugged and robust for heavy-duty use.
  • Maintaining waterproof and dustproof functioning is made easier by using a distribution ring
  • Diecast aluminium housing that is resilient to shocks
  • The unfinished interior surfaces can be used to achieve conductivity


YONGUBOX M Series: Highly versatile enclosures at an economical price

M Series include around 11 different models, including

  • IP67/IP68 Aluminum & Waterproof Boxes
  • weatherproof electrical boxes
  • outdoor electrical junction boxes
  • waterproof junction boxes
  • outdoor electronic boxes

They have the following properties in common.

  • Rugged and robust for heavy-duty use.
  • Maintaining waterproof and dustproof functioning is made easier by using a distribution ring
  • Diecast aluminium housing that is resilient to shocks
  • The unfinished interior surfaces can be used to achieve conductivit.


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