How to waterproof a box ?

How to waterproof a box ?

March 14, 2022by yongubox0
How to waterproof a box ?

Most of the metal boxes are used for electrical types of equipment exposed outside of the house or to different environmental conditions that can damage the quality of the box.

Before starting to make your own waterproof box or enclosure, get to know first the different NEMA or Ingress Protection marking systems (IP rating). This set of standards defines the capacity of your box to ensure protection against harmful ingress down from dirt up to the sand. You can’t have a ‘waterproof’ box without meeting the requirements of the above standards rating.

Read more about IP ratings in our previous articles and know the rate of your waterproof box.

Moving forward, a rate of IPx4 is decent enough to be called “water-resistant”, which means splashes from all directions to the enclosure cannot harm the equipment inside. Then the highest form of rating is IP68, where it can withstand water ingress from 1 meter or more. So how do we really waterproof a box?

For structure

The box need to be designed for waterproof. In other words, the box need preventing water from seeping into it and destroying components.
Like our M series and L series enclosures, the screws are settle outside the box, there won’t be a gap for the covers.


The important thing is the sealing ring.

There are three commonly used seals for metal enclosures namely face gaskets, static o-rings, and dynamic-o ring seals. Metal enclosures require much more attention than a simple wooden box.

  • Static O-ring Seals
    • For round (convex) shapes, stick two mating parts. Establish a groove design much smaller than the cross-sectional area of the device, to put your static O-ring seals.
  • Dynamic O-ring Seal
    • Like Static O-ring seals but must have lesser compression and more lubrication. About 10-30% compression.
  • Gasket Design
    • Waterproof gaskets are custom and have standard designs, apart from the O-rings they require more precision. You have to consider the mounting hardware and keep the warp enough to seal the thickness of each gasket.

How to waterproof a box ?

Now that you know all the necessary seals for your waterproof box, make sure you get to know about the compression sets also. Most of these compression sets are rubber-like materials, but we also have to look into the hardness of the material. The two factors must complement each other.

Get help, knowing all these requirements might boggle you down. The IP rating itself is one determinant of how ‘waterproof’ your box is. 3D printed PLA, ABS, and Nylon with rubber-like prototypes are the basic choices you have.
For higher resolution waterproofing, you will need materials like Verowhite/Vero black, ABS, or VisiClear. Then the most reliable manufacturing process of ensuring waterproofing your box is through the CNC Machinery.
Good thing, here in YONGU we can provide you with your prototype waterproof box through the best machinery, the CNC Machine. Check out our products with the highest IP rating of IP68, and have your own waterproof box made.

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