Why security equipment enclosures are important?

Importance of enclosures for security equipment

August 11, 2022by yongubox0

Importance of enclosures for security equipment

Every company has various security systems that can help us get real-time information regarding any type of danger. However, these security equipment like cameras and fire alarms must have enclosures so that there will be no chances of damage for these equipments. They will be much more protected than before you pack them in the enclosure.


Importance Of Enclosures For Security Equipments

Security equipment enclosures are now necessary, especially for exterior applications, to prevent the speedy failure and early replacement of security equipment, especially in outdoor environments. In addition, you must adequately protect your security equipment from functioning correctly and lasting for an extended period.


How Enclosures Help Us To Secure Our Security Equipment:


Protection From UV Rays:

Environmental considerations that can shorten the lifespan of the equipment or its parts are crucial. One of the main factors in the degradation of material in outdoor equipment for security applications is UV radiation. So, it is essential to protect the outdoor security equipment.


Protection From external conditions:

The degree of protection an electrical enclosure provides against solids and liquids is known as the IP or ingress protection rating. A sealed enclosure stops such entry and protects the electronics in environments where dust or water could harm security components.


Ability to withstand high temperature :

The security equipment will be affected by rising temperatures. Most electrical equipment performs best at temperatures between 40oC (105oF) and 50oC (122oF). This affect will shortwn the life of the equipment. so, it is very important to have an enclosure on them.


Maintaining the Temperature Inside Enclosure :

By managing the temperature of your enclosure for security equipment, you can keep them cool and ensure trouble-free operation.


Flame Protection :

A flameproof enclosure is one for electronics security equipment. It can resist an internal explosion of any flammable gas or vapor that might enter it without harm. It will also help transmit the internal inflammation to the exterior flammable gas or steam it is intended for.


Block Radio Waves :

Security or electronics equipments are susceptiblesensitive to EMI and RFI, which can result in a wide range of issues like:

  • Video and audio signal distortion
  • Creating wireless connections is difficult
  • interfere with monitoring and control systems

To prevent the above mentioned problems it is important to have enclosures for security equipments.


How to Construct an Ideal Enclosure for Security Equipments:

Every security equipment requires an enclosure that helps them to prevent many destructions. For that purpose, enclosures are specially made from the material of plastics, metals, and even steel for other specific environmental conditions. For example, enclosures protect from circuit break contractors, the shortage of panelboards, and many kinds of electrical issues that might be dangerous for people.

Following are the factors that you should look forward while constructing enclosures for security equipments.


Rugged Construction:

You should select a security type of equipment housing made entirely of industrial stainless steel or aluminum. To ensure easy installation and upkeep of the equipment, look for quality and a sophisticated design. The ideal housing should provide easy access to the camera and lens from a working position and a high internal usable space. A robust structure ensures dependability in every situation.


Methods for Movable Mounting:

Cameras boxes that are challenging to install are ineffective. Consider the several  mounting options when selecting a camera housing for your professional box, bullet, or dome cameras. To ensure endurance, look for housings equipped with robust brackets that pivot and durable materials like stainless steel. You should choose movable mounting brackets for pan-tilt-zoom cameras.


Capabilities of heating and blowing:

You should consider heating and blowing elements when choosing the ideal housing for your cameras that operate in harsh climates. Corrosive and heat agents would quickly damage typical metal and plastic enclosures, especially in commercial indoor and outdoor installations. Even in the hottest and roughest environments, camera operation is made simple by internal heating, blowing, or cooling functions.


These features are included in the security types of equipment housing:

  • A cooling tube blows cold air within the security equipment housing from the camera’s back.
  • In the front housing cover, several exhaust valves
  • Use an air nozzle to cool down and keep the housing glass free of dust and debris.


Rating for Weatherproofness and Vandalism:

It is critical to have the optimum weatherproof and vandal-proof grade for your CCTV enclosure based on your surveillance needs. To provide optimal protection, choose security types of equipment housings with an IP66/IP67 weatherproof rating for outdoor cameras that are frequently exposed to elements including rain, snow, ice, wind, dirt, dust, acids, debris, salt sprays, condensing humidity, and industrial chemicals.


Fire Resistance:

Your security equipment can be burned while in any dangerous situation like somewhere gets fire burst or any type of temperature got higher this may help protect your equipment more from damaging.


Enclosures for Security Equipment by YONGUBOX

When it comes to security equipment, one size does not fit all. With eight years of experience exporting aluminum enclosures and seventeen years of experience manufacturing them for the industrial market, Yongu Box is widely known for producing various electronics enclosures for security. Making sure that your equipment is a top priority. Thats why a growing number of bussiness are turning to enclosures for their security equipment. For small, sleek units to large, heavy duty models, we have an enclosure to fit your every need. As security is of utmost importance, we make sure that our enclosures are made of high quality materials.


YONGU L10A 200*150*H Waterproof Outdoor Electrical Box

All four sides of this enclosure are made up of aluminum. Its height is 21mm and width is 50mm; however, depending on the equipment size, you can customize these dimensions. It has a sliding plate so that the interior of the enclosure can be accessible. This enclosure’s brushed surface helps it save from dust and rust. It has 2 aluminum shells, 2 aluminum end panels, and M3*6 countersunk screws, making it durable. This enclosure is available in 10 different colors.



It is no secret that security is a big concern for businesses these days and thats why yongu has a solution for you to protect your security equipment. It’s no secret that security is a big concern for businesses these days and thats why yongu has a solution for you to protect your security equipment.

We provide quick and simple customization options for making unique cutouts and printing on many of our enclosure models and make it affordable according to your requirements and make it affordable according to your requirements.


For further information and customized product of your requirements, follow our Facebook for more details: YONGUBOX.

You can also contact us at +86 13326782625 or write us at salesglobal@yonggu-enclosure.com.

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