How to drawing electronic boxes in CAD?

How to draw electronic boxes in cad?

February 15, 2022by yongubox0

Electronic boxes are made to safeguard and protect certain equipment from harmful environmental effects. Such that each environment differs from one another, and the designs of these enclosures should match where they would be placed. In this case, industrial designers and engineers continue to create different designs and models of an enclosure to fit whatever the customer demands.
They could even enhance the idea of the customer’s design based on feedback on the proposed models. Thankfully, computer-aided design popularly known as CAD helps customers and industrial designers more time in creating a model. CAD can be in 2D or 3D, when we say 2D it is two-dimensional and has no depth, while 3D or three-dimensional has depth and can provide clearer visuals of the proposed design. But how exactly do industrial designers draw electronic enclosures in CAD?

CAD enhances a model or design by developing, modifying, and optimizing specific features during the design process.
Nowadays, even the construction industry uses CAD to showcase its designs. Much more in the electronic industry wherein a slight misproportion of design could put the electronic equipment at risk.
Apart from using the traditional pen and paper, CAD saves a lot of time while producing reliable technical drawings and blueprints. Most of them are designs on tools, machines, or structures. This would go around the concepts of dimensions, materials, and process. For this paper, let us discuss more on how CAD is used for designing electrical enclosures. We all know how important our electronic enclosures are.

In order to design your 3D electronic boxes, make sure to follow these steps. So there are two major steps in designing your electronic boxes and these are;

  1. Plan and measure components of the enclosure box
    • Know what are the internal and external components of the box before designing the structure, to allow clearance from being cramped and achieving optimal component space within the box.
  2. Design the enclosure structure.
    • Considering the wall thickness, a 2mm minimum is recommended for enclosure walls.
    • Put radii/fillets in each corner to reduce the stress of the enclosure. A small difference in radius can affect the design.
    • Clearance of components, always put 0.5mm space for the internal component.
    • Holes for clearance, make sure to add 0.25mm diameter for the fastener clearance holes and screw. Or you may drill after the printing.
    • Subtract 0.25mm from the hole diameter for self-tapping holes.
    • 2mm clearance or 1mm for each side in the port clearance.
    • Lugs, cut out and lips are added to aid the assembly or disassembly. Minimum of 5mm for your lugs width.
    • Add ribs and gussets for distribution of stress in all parts of the enclosure, they should be 75-80% of the thickness of the wall.
    • To reduce bulging, add bosses around holes. Minimum of 1 hole diameter for the wall thickness of enclosure.
    • SLS and SLA Designing require uniform wall thickness, especially for injection molding.
      electronic boxes

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