Custom fabrication options for electrical enclosures, boxes and cabinets

Custom fabrication options for electrical enclosures, boxes and cabinets

August 8, 2022by yongubox1

Custom fabrication options for electrical enclosures, boxes and cabinets

Electrical enclosures and boxes come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations. A company that offers custom fabrication is your best bet when you need to make a few adjustments to enclosures in large quantities.

Sheet metal enclosures can be made to fit in a small space, resistive to potentially dangerous climatic conditions, or accommodate the unique internal structure. Regarding sheet metal, there is a wide range of options available to you, depending on the specs of your box.



YONGUBOX is a custom enclosure specialist; thus, here are some of the most common custom metal fabrications requested by customers.

  • Additional Cut-Outs & Perforations

Additional cut-outs and perforations are among the most often requested alterations by customers. In certain cases, the cut-outs and holes in standard cases don’t meet your product’s requirements or are positioned in an inconvenient location. When it comes to big production runs, being unable to make adjustments due to a lack of manufacturing capacity or equipment can be a significant issue. There are several advantages to working with a custom fabrication company that will create your enclosures with all of the essential features already included.


  • Special Powder Coat Paint and Finishes

Special powder coating and finishing touches are another often requested improvement. For promotional reasons, several clients take advantage of these changes. Most standard enclosures are grey and fit in with their environment, making them difficult to see. Custom paint and finishes are available if you want your enclosure to stand out and represent your company. It’s a terrific approach to establishing your company’s reputation and the high standards your consumers have come to anticipate.


  • Custom Fabrication Enclosure Sizes and Shapes

Custom enclosure dimensions and designs are the last modifications requested by clients. Customers sometimes seek enclosures between two conventional sizes. Other times, they require a unique application setup. If you have a particular size need, customized enclosures are an excellent option to consider.



A customized panel may be required for a variety of reasons. Space constraints are one of the most typical reasons for this. The ultimate position of the box may not have a lot of room. However, in certain cases, the problem isn’t with the eventual destination but rather the process of getting there. The panel may have to squeeze past narrow doors or awkward stairway bends.

The type of material often determines the construction of a custom box and the thickness of the metal or non-metal employed. Sometimes transportable boxes are necessary, in which case a lightweight material and thinner sheet are necessary. Internal components that generate heat, such as a high ampacity metallic busbar, may also be a problem. If the container is going to be placed in a humid or salty environment, there is the possibility that it can rust or corrode.

Last, a specific solution can be required due to the enclosure’s interior construction. Your box may require additional ventilation or application-specific components for various reasons. A unique electrical box will be necessary, regardless of whether the outside has to be more significant to accommodate additional components or the inside layout needs to be further segregated.

Following are the considerations for custom manufacturing of electrical enclosures

  • Is it intended to be used indoors or outside?
  • Has the NEMA rating been specified?
  • In terms of height, breadth, and depth, what is the maximum size of the enclosure required?
  • Is the atmosphere going to be hot or cold, corrosive chemicals or salt air, or anything else?
  • Are there any concerns about safety or arson?
  • Is there a certain weight load that the enclosure must bear?
  • What kind of material do you desire to be employed in the enclosure’s construction?
  • In what manner will the enclosure’s installation be carried out, i.e., pole mount, standalone, wall-mounted, etc.?
  • Is a certain level of protection needed for the equipment housed inside the enclosure?
  • What kind of ventilation will the enclosure need, passive or forced?
  • Are your electronics going to need to be cooled or warmed?
  • Do you require access from more than one direction?
  • When it comes to doors, which side should they hinge on?



To begin making a switchgear enclosure, control cabinet, or junction box, we need to know what sort of box we’ll be making, what type of environment it will work in, and any customer-specific requirements. Designing, machining, welding, and coating are the four main processes in our fabrication process.


  • AutoCAD

We begin by creating a 3D model of your unique electrical box using AutoCAD. These computerized structures save your expense by allowing us to try out multiple choices before we mill or forge a single piece of sheet metal. Machining will begin after we’ve come up with a design that meets all of your requirements.

  • CNC Machining and Forming

A CNC piercing machine uses the resulting AutoCAD file as a starting point. The interior components will be protected from overheating with the CNC’s help of vents. For fittings and edges, a press brake is utilized.

  • Welding

The following step is the construction phase, during which the enclosure is entirely erected. A robust frame capable of withstanding all operational situations is created by welding together the numerous components that make up the frame.

  • Powder Coating

A polyester powder coat finish is used in this process. In addition to improving the aesthetics of metal boxes, it is an effective barrier against rusting and depreciation. This powder coating will keep your metal box in top shape for years. There is a wide range of industry-standard colors to pick from when selecting a color scheme.



For any of these alterations, YONGUBOX’s manufacturing floor and engineering staff are ready to assist you. Initial design assistance is available, or your drawings may have manufacturability adjusted by the team. In-house anodizing and printing services are available at our facility. Based on the customer’s needs, we provide various coatings. As a result, our customers benefit from shorter lead times. This additional degree of examination also catches scratches and grind marks that were overlooked by earlier inspection. Preventing quality issues and delays in lead time is the primary goal.

Since YONGUBOX constructs all of its enclosures to meet NEMA or IP protection standards, modifying their size is a simple task for the fabrication teams and industrial engineers that work for the company.

YOUGUBOX Waterproof & Weatherproof Aluminum Boxes & Enclosures are designed for use in challenging situations such as heavy machinery, industrial facilities, and applications that take place underwater or in the open air.

YONGUBOX offers a wide selection of IP-rated enclosures that may be customized in several ways. If you are seeking enclosures that are both waterproof and weatherproof, we are pleased to offer numerous options, including the following:

YONGUBOX N Series: Enclosures supprt customizations, no matter the shape, dimensions, but the holes and colors.


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