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Aluminium Sheet Metal Boxes

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YONGU Aluminium Sheet Metal Boxes

Aluminium Sheet Metal Boxes

Sheet metal aluminum enclosures are used in electrical installation. They may be found in various places, from electrical junction boxes to industrial equipment control panels. Electrical projects frequently require custom-made enclosures since they are simple to use and incredibly durable, making them a popular choice. Electrical conductivity, emission reductions, and tolerance to hostile industrial conditions are just some of the advantages of a sheet metal enclosure.

It is critical to understand the product’s aesthetic and functional needs throughout the design process. When creating a sheet metal enclosure, the same is true. To get the enclosure sheet metal that best suits your demands, you must know these parameters.

The following are examples of product specifications you should be aware of:

● The application of the sheet metal enclosure.

● The enclosure’s intended operating conditions, such as temperature, corrosion exposure, vibration resistance requirements, and the IP rating.

●  Requirements in terms of size.

● Requirements for wall, pole, tabletop, and other types of mounting.

● The dimensions of the component you wish to enclose inside the enclosure, such as the height and width, the location of the connectors, etc.

● Requirements for aesthetics.



The next step is to select a metal based on the product’s specifications. The use of your sheet metal enclosure will have a significant impact on the type of metal you choose. Choosing a metal that will quickly deteriorate in certain operating situations is not ideal. The most incredible metals can withstand wear and corrosion while still being high-quality.

A look at the best metals for your enclosure design is in order.

aluminum metal case


Corrosion-resistant despite its small weight. In some situations, it has a lower rigidity level than steel does. Grades of aluminum come in a variety of forms.

  • Stampings, spun-and-drawn parts, chemical equipment, building hardware, storage tanks, truck and trailer components, mailboxes, cabinets, fan blades, awnings, siding, kitchen equipment, ornamental trim, architectural usage, and signage applications are all common uses for Alloy 3003 and 3003-H14.
  • For a variety of purposes, alloy 5052-H32 is widely used, including the manufacture of a wide range of cooking utensils and food processing equipment as well as a wide range of other items such as food storage tanks and other truck and trailer components as well as mailboxes, aircraft components and electronic chassis as well as boat hulls, deckhouses, hatch covers, and pressure vessels as well as ladders, rails, frames, and drip pans.
  • For structural components such as struts, clamps, fixtures, base plates, and machine parts like hydraulic valve bodies and parts, fuses, gears, worms, and rectifier parts. Also used for truck and marine components, electrical fittings, connectors, hinge pins, magneto parts, appliance fittings, hinge pins, and camera lens mounting. Heavy-duty constructions that require a robust strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance are best served by alloy 6061. When annealed, it is easily cold worked and shaped. It’s easy to do various cutting and stamping operations using standard procedures.

Aluminum is an excellent material for sheet metal components and enclosures because of its low weight and resistance to corrosion. Anodizing aluminum components can provide long-lasting and protective finishes in particular applications. A component requiring electrical contact may benefit from a chromate coating.

Stainless Steel

Chromium and nickel are both present in this metal. As a result, you won’t have to worry about rust. In addition, the tensile strength of stainless steel is greater. A sheet metal enclosure design for a high-impact application can use this material. A stainless steel component with a grainy surface will catch your eye.


This is zinc-coated low-carbon steel that has been annealed. The goal of annealing is to ensure that the zinc is bonded to the substrate by diffusion. As a result, no flaking will occur when forming or bending. Galvanneal is the best option if you intend to use the metal enclosure in wet conditions. Depending on the coating, it is also corrosion-resistant.


Indoor parts and enclosures can benefit from close-annealed steel. Stiffness and strength are also well-balanced in this model. Indoors, it has the best chance of surviving for a long time. Because it lacks natural corrosion resistance, CRCA may rust if left untreated.


Metals like copper, which are seldom utilized in sheet metal enclosure design, are excellent materials to work with. It’s a great conductor of heat and electricity. Thus, it is suitable for electrical applications. As a result of its fragility, copper is rarely used in enclosures. In the best cases, they are ideal for bus bars or miscellaneous parts.



There are several advantages to using an aluminum sheet metal fabrication company to meet your specific fabrication needs. Aluminum has several advantages over other materials because of its low weight and flexibility. Sheet metal boxes are made of aluminum because they are solid and durable but cheaper than metal.

Aluminum sheet metal vs. Plastic fabrication

In the case of specific fabrication demand, such as a new piece of equipment or a particular part, aluminum sheet metal and plastic are two of the most common options. While both are reasonably priced, there are several vital variations between the two that you should know.

Despite its low cost and wide range of applications, plastic manufacturing comes with a slew of drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t hold up well over time. A plastic item will swiftly break if you’re working with corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, or even repetitive friction.

Aluminum sheet metal, on the other hand, is a good option. Aluminum is more heat resistant than plastic, has a similar price point, and is more robust than plastic. A flexible and cost-effective alternative to plastic fabrication is aluminum sheet metal fabrication.

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication Vs. Steel

Aluminum metal manufacturing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Incredibly robust and adaptable for its slight weight, aluminum is also nonmagnetic. Aluminum is immune to corrosion, unlike steel, which may rust fast if left exposed to the environment.

There are various applications for which aluminum sheet metal can be substituted for steel. This metal may be laser cut for precise work, aluminum welded for tight and sealed bondage, and melted and machined like other fabrication metals.

The weight of aluminum sheet metal production is the most significant advantage over steel. Because aluminum is lighter than steel, it is a good choice for manufacturing jobs that require a great deal of flexibility.

sheet metal box


There are several advantages to working with a sheet metal fabrication firm that can deliver and handle all aspects of fabrication under one roof. One-stop metal fabrication businesses can save time and money by centralizing numerous operations, such as punching, laser cutting, welding, or painting and silkscreening, otherwise being outsourced to multiple fabrication shops.


There are several advantages to using one-stop metal fabrication businesses, including cost savings. The costs of materials, manufacturing and related services vary widely from store to store. This is especially true if the OEMs contract with many partners to manufacture parts or components. Controlling expenses is at the top of the list. With so many different partners involved, the price of a product may arise due to this. The quality of a product can be compromised if a component’s cost is underestimated somewhere in the supply chain, resulting in lower-quality material. Hiring a one-stop metal fabrication company eliminates this price fluctuation risk involved in using many vendors. With just one supplier, OEMs have the opportunity to save money on their manufacturing costs.

Reducing Lead Time

Longer lead times in manufacturing disrupt production operations and harm sales. A product’s lead time is likely to be longer if numerous suppliers are involved in the production process. In fabrication, a one-stop shop that can manufacture components and provide other services such as hammering, painting, or silkscreening simplifies production by consolidating operations under one roof. Improved productivity and higher output may be achieved using one-stop shops, which shorten lead times.

Cutting the Supply Chain

Products, services, and procedures are part of a supply chain’s movement. Well-managed, cost-effective supply networks considerably enhance the efficiency of a company’s production process. A valuable amount of time is lost in producing a product when the manufacturer contracts with multiple shops to complete different parts of a metal fabrication process. Performing several sheet metal fabrication operations under one roof simplifies supply chain management and boosts productivity.



YONGUBOX can help with a wide variety for those considering purchasing sheet metal enclosures and as your one-stop-shop.

YONGUBOX offers sheet metal enclosure boxes completely customizable from every dimension in two different series, including E Series & S Series.

YONGUBOX Sheet Metal Box E Series

E Series sheet metal boxes have a unique and beautiful design with complete customization from dimensions to colors. Particularly useful for PCB Raspberry Series.

E Series has three different models, including

They all have the following features, including

  • Sheet metal box, aluminum bending.
  • All dimensions can be customized.
  • New and beautiful appearance, which can be used on a desk.
  • The feet make the equipment place more stably.
  •  Dimensions, hole drilling, surface treatment & printing, etc., can be customized.
  • The overall structure is beautiful and stable.
  • Different colors can be customized.
  • Custom Sheet Metal Box
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Case


YONGUBOX Sheet Metal Box S Series

S Series sheet metal boxes have a new and excellent design with complete customization offers from dimensions to colors.

S Series has eight different models, including


  •  YOUGU S102 160*60*220 Lithium Battery Box
  •  YOUGU S101 120*170*220 Sheet Metal Aluminum Box
  •  YOUGU S103 220*80*250 Custom Made Aluminium Boxes
  • YOUGU S104 250*80*200 Custom Computer Case
  •  YOUGU S201 150*180*250 Electrical Enclosures
  • YOUGU S202 170*90*250 Aluminum Sheet Metal Case
  •  YOUGU S203 190*100*280 Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • YOUGU S204 200*120*280 Aluminum Electronic Project Box


They all have the following features and uses, including

  1. New design, a good looking case for components
  2. Customizable Thickness & other dimensions
  3. Customisable Dimensions/hole drilling/surface treatment/printing,etc can be customized
  4. The shape can be changed
  5. Flexible can meet customers’ requirements
  6. Good quality aluminum material al5052
  7. It can be used as a battery case
  8. It can be used as Custom Computer Case
  9. It can be used as a Lithium Battery Box
  10. Can be used as Electrical Enclosures
  11. Can be used as metal cases for electronics
  12. Suitable for Aluminum Electronic Project Box
  13. Feasible Sheet Metal Fabrication


Enclosures made of YOUGU Sheet metal enclosures provide several advantages in the production process. Electrical conductivity, decarbonization, and resilience to severe industrial conditions have improved because of these materials’ inclusion in the market. Additionally, these metal enclosures contribute to various items’ overall safety and security by supplying all of the project’s and environment’s strengths in one package. The proper packaging and design are also critical considerations for the project.


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