About YONGU-Manufacturer of Aluminum Box

About YONGUWho are we?About us

We are one-stop electronic equipments aluminum box solution intelligent manufacturer.

Industry experience

For both production experience and technical experience in aluminum box.

Project success

Provide customer prototype box to test their project successful.

Worldwide clients

Global selling, customers from all over the world.


R&D department,production department,quality Inspection department,marketing department.
YONGU is the answer

Why choose us

YONGU is a premier manufacturer of electronic enclosures, dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. We have more than 17 years experience of continuous service to the electronics and electrical industries, we can be your trusted partner.

Our 5,000 square meters factory includes main types of equipment like CNC machine, laser cutting machine, carving machine, tapping machine, bending machine, grinding machine, etc. We have more than 1000 molds with a fixed width, fixed height, and customized length. Our main products include aluminum box, power amplifier enclosure, 19-inch rack mount case, instrument enclosure, and sheet metal box.

aluminum box

Our core competence

Our Mission is committed to providing first-class housing solutions for global electronic equipment.
Our Vision is to become he world’s leading manufacturer of electronic equipment enclosure.
Integrity, dare to take responsibility, rigorous, foucs and dedicated to promote global technological change.

Our strategic plans within 5 years

  • 5G+Industry 4.0 technology upgrade.
  • Create a highly flexible digital factory to realize full-scenario intelligent interaction.
  • 48-hour prototype delivery.
  • 8-hour spot processing and delivery.
Founder and owner

HuaJun Jiang

  • Experience
  • Business Strategic Plans

Start the business in 2004, after many years military experience and 3 years enclosure engineer and designer experience.

Focusing on aluminum box manufacturing and sharing customers electronic solutions for more than 20 years.

5G+Industry 4.0 technology upgrade.
Create a highly flexible digital factory to realize full-scenario intelligent interaction.

Lead YONGU become a listed company.

YONGU team representativeOur team

R&D ManagerHongbing Xu
Marketing ManagerLucifer Zhang
Overseas Sales ManagerLinda Zhang
Domestic Sales ManagerLeo Zhang
Production managerMi Zhang
aluminum box
PMCShaobing Peng
aluminum box
Technical processing managerWuhan Xu
aluminum box
QC managerQinghua Ding