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10 Questions to ask your Aluminum Suppliers

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Your Aluminum suppliers

In 2021, the Global Aluminum Market size is projected to reach USD 193.6 billion and is expanding to increase at the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.8% at the forecasting period. This is mostly due to the development of different industries involving aluminum, such as the transportation industry and advancements in technology. The packaging industry has also begun to increase the use of aluminum, due to its cost-effective property. Major companies in the aluminum industry are Chalco, Hongqiao, Rusal, Xinfa, Rio Tinto Alcan, Alcoa, Emirates, Global Aluminum, Norsk Hydro, East Hope Group Company Limited, and China Power Investment Corporation.

Even before aluminum has been used in many ways. Extruded aluminum can be found in the construction industry, communication, electronics, and even digital communication. Fluctuations in the price of raw materials such as alumina and competitive suppliers have been inhibiting the ultimate growth of the aluminum industry. However, issues on the sustainability of bauxite mining or aluminum production have been questioned on its global environmental impact. Leading to the creation of recycling programs for aluminum in China and India, since they are the primary economies that are involved in aluminum production. The growing demand for aluminum in the aluminum industry, and aluminum alloy in aerospace in the coming decade increases the demand for the aluminum market trend.

But before anything else, we need to make sure that the aluminum we get from our suppliers is only that of high quality. Below are the guidelines to ask your suppliers.

10 Questions to ask your Aluminum Suppliers

  1. What kind of industry do you usually supply your aluminum with? Knowing what industry they transact most with gives you an idea of the range of products they can supply. A supplier that has wider contracts in different industries gives a wider range of extrusion capacities and possibilities. YONGU work with some famous aluminum extrusion material here in Foshan city, and Foshan is the aluminum center of China.
  2. What are your minimum and maximum quantity order requirements? Make sure that the supplier can provide the estimated maximum quantity you need, or will allow you to demand lower than their minimum range. YONGU don’t have MOQ limitted, and we have the adequate raw material inventory. Which means can ship you goods in time.
  3. Does your company have the expertise to provide us with a comprehensive knowledge of your aluminum? Your supplier must have in-depth expertise about the aluminum itself, such as its chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties. YONGU can provide proof like salt spray test and waterproof test,  certifications such as Reach and Rohs.
  4. Can you provide us with a wide range and scope of your aluminum products? Only trusted suppliers can provide you with their quality assured aluminum manufacturers in charge of producing quality aluminum material, manufacturing process with the use of high-end machinery. They must be able to provide you with options from aluminum sheet,extrusion, and plates. The material YONGU are using can be die-casting, al5052,al6061, al6063,etc.
  5. Do you offer aluminum of good quality value? Always consider their aluminum storage, since aluminum in its raw state is a soft metal that can easily be scratched and damaged. It must be free from contaminants and moist areas. A good supplier would offer you sheet protective coating for your aluminum alloy during fabrication against scratching. YONGU is using EPE bag with carton for packing goods, to avoid the damage of your products.
  6. Do you deliver the aluminum to High Standards? Ask for the transportation process, make sure that the products are to be delivered to high standards to prevent damages. The supplier should observe time, and be able to deliver the product at the same time it was agreed upon. YONGU support air shipping, rail way and sea transportations.
  7. Is the price for aluminum competitive? In purchasing bulk orders always consider that a good quality aluminum comes at a fair price. Transparency in the processing, packaging, and shipping should be provided by the supplier. YONGU insist the bulk orders unit price will much cheaper than samples unit price. The more qty, the lower unit price.
  8. Do you have active customer service? As a buyer, your attention to detail must be high and you must always see a way that the supplier gives you updateson the products. See to it that any minor changes before and during the transaction are addressed by their customer service. Customers will be always the first position in YONGU.
  9. What quality certification does your company have? There are certain standards to be observed in providing accurate aluminum make sure to have it checked before purchasing from the supplier. YONGU can provide the CE, Rohs, Reach and waterproof certifications for our products.
  10. Do you have any proof of a reputable supplier of aluminum? See if there isany feedback on the supplier on social media. Knowing a reputable suppliers, they should have nowadays an excellent social media presence that is visible to potential buyers.YONGU will keep uploading the news in our Facebook.

YONGU as a professional manufacturer of aluminum enclosures for more than 15 years. We can provide you with all these inquiries you have. Our aluminum product is made to fit customers’ needs. Grab this opportunity now and let us have that conversation.

If you have any questions, pls leave your message in our site or our facebook, or you can send us email.

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